Sir Francis Bacon


Shakespeare Authorship Roundtable
Francis Bacon Research Trust
The Francis Bacon Society
Sir Francis Bacon's New Advancement of Learning
Francis Bacon online
An Authorship Analysis


The Bacon Shakespeare Question
N B Cockburn 1998
Bacon is Shake-speare
Edwin Durning-Lawrence, Gay & Handcock, 1910
The Shakespeare Enigma
Peter Dawkins, Polair, 2004
Sir Francis Bacon Cipher Story (5 vols)
Orville W Owen, Howard Publishing, 1893-95
Is Shakespeare Dead?
Mark Twain, Harper and Brothers, 1909
Bacon's Shakespeare
Peter Dawkins, 2007
The Shakespeare Puzzle: A Non-esoteric Baconian Theory
Barry R Clarke, 2007
Available at http://barryispuzzled.com/shakpuzz.pdf
The Bacon-Shakespeare Anatomy
W S Melsome, Lapworth & Co, 1945

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