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The Silberrad Memorial Lectures,
November 2008

The November 2008 Lecture programme took place at Shakespeare's Globe in collaboration with Brunel University.

Thursday 6 November

John Michell
Who Wrote Shakespeare? The Candidates & their Promoters

Thursday 13 November

Prof. Sandra Schruijer
Fighting over Shakespeare's Authorship: Identity, Power and Academic Debate

Thursday 20 November

Hank Whittemore
Shake-Speare's Treason

Thursday 27 November

Dominic Dromgoole in conversation with Dr. William Leahy (Brunel University)
Will, the Question and Me

Further details of the contents of the talks are available as a pdf. If you require Adobe Reader to read pdf files, please refer to the link on the left of this page.

The John Silberrad Memorial Lectures, November 2007

The November 2007 Lecture programme took place at Shakespeare's Globe in collaboration with Brunel University.

1st November

Reflections on the Authorship Controversy
Sir Derek Jacobi and Mark Rylance in discussion with Dr. William Leahy (Brunel University).

8th November

Shakespeare: Evidence of an Authorship Problem
Diana Price.

15th November

William Shakespeare and his Pseudonyms
Dr. Penny McCarthy.

22nd November

'For that I came': Shakespearean Selves
Prof. Graham Holderness.

More information:
Download the 2007 programme of events

 The John Silberrad
  Memorial Lectures

John Silberrad was a generous and long-serving trustee of the Shakespearean Authorship Trust until his death in 2005. In order to honour his work and to ensure that John's contribution is not forgotten, our annual lecture series are dedicated to him.

In November 2006 the Shakespearean Authorship Trust, in collaboration with the Friends of Shakespeare's Globe, inaugurated the John Silberrad Memorial Lectures. Dr William Leahy's lecture was entitled Two Households Both Alike in Dignity: The Authorship Question and Academia ; Charles Beauclerk spoke on Shakespeare's Identity Crisis; Richard Paul Roe delivered a lecture on The Italy in Shakespeare; Stephanie Hopkins Hughes' lecture “Hide Fox and All After” : The Authorship Game - Playing to Win is available to download.