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2018 Conference: 'The Merciful Construction of Good Women': Gender, Shakespeare and Authorship.

Watch all the available videos from our 2018 conference on our Youtube Channel.

The following talks were recorded at conferences from 2013-2017. The opinions expressed by the speakers are their own and not necessarily shared by the Shakespearean Authorship Trust.

Gratitude is due to the actors, Emily Carding, Richard Clifford, Richard Durden, Robert Dorfman, Martin Herdman, Sir Derek Jacobi, Peter Hamilton-Dyer, Annabel Leventon, Sir Mark Rylance, Angus Wright, and also to the presenters, for their permission to make these films public.

All videos can also be viewed on our YouTube channel, to which you can subscribe.

'What's the New News At The New Court?': Developments in the Authorship Question, October 2017

1. Bill Leahy Introduction and Mark Rylance sonnet
2. John Casson - A Scientific Approach to the SAQ
3. Ros Barber - Stylometry: Hard Evidence or Pseudo-Science?
4. Kevin Gilvary -Mark Rylance and friends - Jack Cade Scene from Henry VI Part 2
5. Simon Miles - Francis Bacon and the Mystery of the Phoenix and Turtle
6. Alexander Waugh - A Grave Problem 2
7. Shakespeare Authorship Question Q&A

'Who's There?': Shakespeare Biography, Biografiction and Bardolatry, November 2016

1. Mark Rylance - Introduction and Sonnet
2. Bill Leahy - Bardography
3. Mark Rylance and Robert Dorfman
4. Kevin Gilvary - Biografiction
5. Mark Rylance - Mark Twain's "Is Shakespeare Dead?"
6. Mark Rylance - Sonnet
7. Keir Cutler - excerpt from "Shakespeare Crackpot"
8. Mark Rylance - Henry James' "The Birthplace"
10. Alexander Waugh - Grave Problems
11. Panel Q & A
12. Mark Rylance - excerpt from "I Am Shakespeare"
13. Mark Rylance - Conclusion

Shakespeare: The French Connection, November 2014

1. Introduction by Julia Cleave
2. Love's Labour's Lost
3. Hamlet
4. All's Well That Ends Well
5. Macbeth
6. A Midsummer Night's Dream
7. Measure For Measure
8. Henry V

Shakespeare: No True Traveller, November 2013

1. Alexander Waugh: Shakespeare - No True Traveller?
2. Hank Whittemore: Richard Paul Roe, The Shakespeare Guide to Italy
3. Kevin Gilvary: Writ in Choice Italian - Shakespeare and the Italian Commedia
4. Panel, Q&A: Ros Barber, John Casson, Julia Cleave, Kevin Gilvary, Bill Leahy, Hank Whittemore